Learn to create a web-embeddable bibliography of your publications with Zotero and BibBase.

  1. Create a Zotero.org account and chose "Publish entire library" in the Zotero privacy settings.
  2. Install the Zotero client on your computer and link it to your Zotero.org account.
  3. Export a formatted file of your current bibliography from whatever software you use to manage your citations (Endnote, bibtex, etc.).
  4. Import this bibliography file into the Zotero client on your computer, make any corrections needed, and then sync it with the Zotero site.
  5. At BibBase.org, choose 'Generate BibBase page from your Zotero "Library", collections, or groups' and follow the instructions.
  6. Choose which method of embedding the bibliography makes the most sense for your site's platform. BibBase recommends using the JavaScript embed code.

If you have a Drupal 7 site, the safest way to add this code to your site is following these block template instructions.