Faculty have a number of options for creating web sites and applications, including:

1. Professional, easy-to-use website for a conference, lab, blog, or faculty page

This offers an easy-to-use, GT-branded, centrally-administered WordPress website. (at sites.gatech.edu/userOrLabName or a customized domain such as mylab.cc.gatech.edu).

2. Web form, event registration, or online survey

This is a hosted commercial survey solution that has been licensed by Georgia Tech for campus use. You can read the Qualtrics survey how to documentation online. And here is a guide to requiring login for a survey.

3. PHP/MySQL application on GT's infrastructure

This lets you create and manage your own website on central GT servers, including installing a number of PHP/MySQL-based applications like WordPress or Drupal. (at http://userOrLabName.web.cc.gatech.edu)

4. Personal College home pages

TSO offers CoC faculty a basic HTML site where you can provide information about your professional and academic pursuits (at http://faculty.cc.gatech.edu/~username). This site will be provisioned as part of your CoC account creation process. To begin that process, ask your HR contact to put in an Account Request Form.

5. Contact us if your Website needs to store data

The above options are not designed for storing data. If your website needs to store data, we can advise you on the best solution. Please email helpdesk@cc.gatech.edu with answers to these questions:

  • What size of the data you will be storing?
  • Is it research data with compliance concerns? If yes, what are those concerns? For example, does that data need to be available if you leave Georgia Tech?

Custom Domain Names

If you would like to request a vanity URL (1st level subdomain name of gatech.edu such as mysite.gatech.edu), you will need to choose option 1 or 3 above. You will need to get approval from Georgia Tech Institute Communications for the custom domain. The process can take up to 1 month or more.

We strongly suggest you choose a 2nd level subdomain name (such as mysite.cc.gatech.edu ) instead.