Occasionally, a coworker may be unable to access their Duo enabled device.  In such a case, a Duo Emergency Rescue Code can be generated by any other Duo-enabled user.

To start the process, log into Passport (https://passport.gatech.edu) and select Assist Another Person.

At the Assist Another Person screen, select Start Assisting Someone.

On the next screen, search for the user you are assisting and Select the corresponding entry in the Results list.

Once the user is selected, you will need to confirm their identity by selecting either "I know this person" or "I looked at their Buzzcard".

At the next screen, select Generate Rescue Code, which will display a Duo code that will be valid for only 24 hours which you can share with the person you are assisting.

If you have any questions or issues when following this guide, please contact the TSO Helpdesk (helpdesk@cc.gatech.edu or 404-894-7065) and we'll be happy to assist.

More information about Duo can be found in the Handouts and Primers section of this website.