How do I add a backup mobile phone to DUO

If you have been set up on Duo and would like to add an extra mobile phone to your account please follow the instructions below!

1.     Navigate to

2.     Log in using your Georgia Tech Credentials

3.     Once logged into passport look on the left side of the page and click “Two Factor”

4.     Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Add Another Phone”

5.     Follow the instructions listed on the page. Once all areas have been filled in make sure to check “Send SMS texts with Duo App activation instructions to this phone” after that click “Add Phone”

6.     Once the process is complete you will see a confirmation message.

“The phone has been added, and two SMS text messages have been sent with instructions for setting it up with Duo”

7.     Grab your phone and navigate to your messaging app. Click the first text message to download the Duo app. (The link will take you to the Google Play Store if on Android device, App store if on iOS)

8.     Once you have downloaded the app go back to your messaging app and click the link in the second text you received from Duo. This will add your Georgia Institute of Technology information to the app.

9.     Once you have completed these steps you have successfully set up a backup phone for Duo!