How do I sponsor a collaborator or visitor?

There are two options to request a GT account for collaborators or visitors, depending on what kind of access is needed and for how long the account will be needed.  

  1. Sponsors can login to as themselves to sponsor a guest account.  This will allow for LAWN wireless and wired network access as well as login to general web applications (e.g. research servers that use GT authentication).  This option is best for short-term arrangements as access must be periodically renewed.

  2. Sponsors can request a $0 PSF (a.k.a. "a zero dollar PSF") through their HR representative.  This takes longer but there is more control over what services are authorized (e.g. login to other GT services such as Office 365, etc.).  This is best for long-term arrangements since the account for the collaborator or visitor can remain active for as long as required without the need to perform periodic extensions in Passport.

If a CoC account will also be needed, sponsors will need to get in contact with their HR representative to complete a CoC Account Request form (collaborators and visitors cannot use the online self-service account request form) after either step 1 or 2 has been completed.  If a CoC account already exists, no further action is required if the sponsor chose step 2, but if the sponsor chose step 1, TSO Help Desk will need to be informed to point the CoC account to the new campus account.