Print to the new CoC Mopiers from Windows

  1. If you’re on LAWN, connect to the CoC VPN.
    • Many College of Computing and Institute resources require VPN. There are two options for VPN:

      • GlobalProtect Campus VPN (for faculty, staff and students):
        • ***NOTE*** GlobalProtect can not be used on a brand new computer first login on Windows OS. However, this is the recommended VPN for long term use.
      • AnyConnect VPN
        • If your computer was not set up by TSO, instructions for downloading the AnyConnect VPN can be found at the link below. Once downloaded, CoC users should use the server address
  2. Click Start (the Windows Key), type \\\input-win.
  3. If prompted for credentials, type ad\yourGTusername and your GT password.
  4. Allow the driver to install.
  5. You should now have a printer called input-win on
    1. (This step only needs to be done once, after the initial install.) Open Devices and Printers, right-click on the new "input-win on hollister" printer and open Printing Preferences. In this new window select the button labeled "About". This should display the last time you have connect to Hollister, which should be around the current time. Click OK. This allows the correct registry keys to populate.
  6. Print to the new printer. When you print you will be prompted with a box that asks for your login name. Type in your GT username.
  7. Note: The box may pop up behind your active windows. If you do not see the box, be sure to check your task bar for it or minimize any windows that may be in front of it.
    1. After rebooting, the printer will appear offline for all non-GTAD bound computers.  If that happens, repeat step 2 above to bring the printer back online.  This will need to be done after each reboot.
  8. Go to any of the new CoC mopiers.  You can use the prox reader to the left of the screen to login using your BuzzCard.
  9. Click Secure Print on the screen.
  10. Press the job you want to print and press the print+delete button onscreen.
  11. Press the onscreen Log Out button when finished.

If you find yourself unable to print after previously being able to, please follow these steps -

  • Press the Windows button and type 'Credential Manager' and hit enter.
  • Select 'Windows Credentials'
  • If there is an entry with '' in the title under 'Windows Credentials', click it and select 'Remove'
  • Press the Windows button and type '\\\input-win' to download the updated drivers from the server
  • Try printing a document

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the Help Desk.