Running the Endpoint Management Information Script

The TSO HelpDesk has written three small applications to gather information about the status of Endpoint Management (EPM) Software on your machine. This guide will detail the process for running these programs and sending the information to TSO.

  1. Download the EPM information gathering application. Double-click to unzip the file.  Currently, there is no script to run on phones and tablets.
  2. Run Application and follow any prompts.
    • MacOS: Filename = 'EPMinfo Gathering version 1.5 .app'
      • Due to the increased security, macOS Catalina users will need to right-click inside the Downloads folder of Finder and select 'Open' and then 'Open Anyway'.
    • Windows OS: Filename = 'EPMInformation1.4.exe'
      • Windows users may be prompted with a protection window, click on "More info" at the top and click "Run anyway". 
  3. Wait for the software to gather the information - this may take a few minutes.
  4. Send your information to TSO.
    • MacOS: A window will pop up with information - click 'Copy' and then paste the information in the form on
    • Windows OS:  the output will be copied to your clipboard and you can just do a paste into the in the form on  Note: a new file named 'CoC_PC_Info' will also be created on your desktop with the information. 
      • If you have previously run the application, you will need to delete the old “CoC_PC_Info” text from your desktop before running the script again. If you do not, it will insert the new data underneath the old data.