Surplusing Equipment (faculty/staff offices)

Individuals are responsible for initiating surplus of institute-owned equipment. Refer to the Georgia Tech policy on retiring equipment for detailed info.  Please follow the procedure below:

  1. First, collect all equipment you want to surplus in one location:
    • The campus surplus folks will pick up the equipment directly from your office
    • TSO is no longer able to stage equipment for surplus
  2. Download the Non-Inventory Surplus Form [PDF]
  3. Complete all of the fields in the spreadsheet for each item to be surplussed:
    • GT# (if present, the number on the Georgia Tech inventory sticker)
    • Item Description (e.g. Dell Precision 220, HP LaserJet 4)
    • Serial Number (e.g. the Dell Service Tag number, a printer serial number)
    • Model Number
    • Bldg. (the building where the equipment is located)
    • Room# (the room where the equipment is located)
    • Contact (the faculty owner, or lab manager name)
    • Phone# (a number you can be reached at on the date you indicate below)
    • Requested Pick Up Date (You will need to be present for sign off...pick a date that works for you)
  4. Email the completed spreadsheet to building@cc, ​, or and copy your RT if applicable.
  5. Facilities will notifiy TSO if any equipment on the list has a hard drive. TSO will retrieve the harddrive(s) and erase it according to the campus data security policy.
  6. Facilities sends the spreadsheet to the campus Capital Assets folks and updates its inventory database.
  7. It usually takes about 1-3 weeks for the items to be picked up.
  8. The Capital Assets folks will call you and coordinate a time for pick up.
  9. Sign your name for the equipment pick up.
  10. Make a copy of the signed form and keep the copy for your records. 
  11. Give the original signed form to Lyubo Lichev ( and/or your RT if applicable