Each user is responsible for initiating surplus of institute-owned equipment. Refer to the Georgia Tech policy on retiring equipment for detailed info.  Please follow the procedure below:

  1. First, collect all equipment you want to surplus in one location (not scattered all over a lab):
    • The campus surplus folks will pick up the equipment directly from your lab
    • TSO is no longer able to stage equipment for surplus
  2. Remove all hard disk drives from computers, and repurpose the ones you want to keep:
    • This is a campus data security policy.
    • All hard drives are collected and destroyed separately at a later date.
  3. Download the Non-Inventory Surplus Form [PDF]
  4. Complete all of the fields in the spreadsheet for each item to be surplussed:
    • GT# (if present, the number on the Georgia Tech inventory sticker)
    • Item Description (e.g. Dell Precision 220, HP LaserJet 4)
    • Serial Number (e.g. the Dell Service Tag number, a printer serial number)
    • Model Number
    • Bldg. (the building where the equipment is located)
    • Room# (the room where the equipment is located)
    • Contact (the faculty owner, or lab manager name)
    • Phone# (a number you can be reached at on the date you indicate below)
    • Requested Pick Up Date (You will need to be present for sign off...pick a date that works for you)
  5. Email the completed spreadsheet to building@cc, ​kacb-building@cc.gatech.edu, or tsrb-building@cc.gatech.edu and copy your RT if applicable. Facilities sends the spreadsheet to the campus Capital Assets folks and updates it's inventory database. It usually takes about 1-3 weeks for the items to be picked up.
  6. The Capital Assets folks will call you and coordinate a time for pick up.
  7. Sign your name for the equipment pick up.
  8. Make a copy of the signed form and keep the copy for your records. 
  9. Email the signed form to building@cc.gatech.edu and/or your RT if applicable