CoC Mechanical Key Check Out Procedures

Effective Date: 
Monday, April 20, 2009

Security is a primary concern in the College of Computing and the use of the Mechanical key sets represent a significant responsibility. In order to assist with daily operations of the College, TSO has made copies of mechanical keys available for check-out via a Security Asset Manager Key Box located in 144A of CCB and 1108 of KACB for the respective residents. These keys allow access to different rooms within the buildings based on job function and need. If a key is lost or stolen it compromises the security of the building.

1. Checking Out Master Keys:

  • Keys are the responsibility of the person checking them out.
  • The person checking out keys is ultimately responsible for the keys return.
  • Only check out keys if you need them.
  • Only check out one key ring at a time.
  • Ensure that the key box closes and locks properly when you check out keys.

2. Handling Keys in the Field:

  • Never leave keys unattended.
  • Never hand-off keys to another person.
  • Keys should be used to accesse areas directly related to your work.
  • Always check for keys before you exit secure locations.

3. Returning keys:

  • Return keys as soon as you are done using them. Remember, you cannot be held responsible for losing keys that are checked in.
  • Keys need to be checked in before you leave the building. Keys should remain within the building at all times. DO NOT TAKE SAM KEYS HOME!
  • Ensure that the key box closes and locks properly when you check in keys.

4. Securing a missing key:

  • Start retracing your steps looking for the keys.
  • Notify your supervisor of the lost keys.
  • Notify TSO and Facilities of the lost keys.

Failure to follow proper procedure or the loss of keys will result in the loss of privileges of using the SAM Key Box.

Instructions for using the SAM Key Box are located at 

Service Areas: 
Building Access