How to Map a Network Drive in Windows

Note: Users must be on a College of Computing wired network or VPN to access ccsamba, winhome, or adminfs. How do I obtain the CoC VPN client?

  • Windows 10:  Open File Explorer, right click on This PC and select Map Network Drive...
  • For Drive: select an available letter.
    • for your adminfs/winhome/ccsamba drive, select an appropriate drive letter.
  • For Folder: enter the path for the folder. (Please Note: that computers that have been migrated to use GT authentication will require that you provide your GT username and password )
    • to connect to adminfs, enter \\\<folder>, where <folder> is the folder you normally work from (i.e. \\\cns).
    • For staff, to connect to your home directory, enter \\\homedirs$\<username>, where <username> is your CoC Account username (i.e. \\\homedirs$\uwanna).
    • to connect to your samba drive, enter \\\<username>, where <username> is your CoC Account username (i.e. \\\uwanna).
  • If prompted, enter your username and Windows password. 
    • For adminsfs: your username should be AD\<gtusername> (i.e. AD\jbrinson3)
    • For winhome: your username should be AD\<gtusername> (i.e. AD\jbrinson3)
    • For ccsamba: your username is CC\<CoC username> (i.e. cc\uwanna).
  • If you do not know your GT username password, please see Passport for instructions on resetting it. If you don't know your CoC password, please use this form:
  • Uncheck the box Reconnect at logon IF you are connecting from off-campus.  Users of CoC-issued laptops may wish to keep this box checked.
  • Click Finish.
  • To access a mapped network drive, open My Computer and view the Network Drives.
    • If you want to see the mapped drive from your desktop, right-click the drive and click Copy.  Then, right-click a blank area on your desktop and click Paste Shortcut.