Electronics recycling is still somewhat of a challenge. Here are some resources that you might consider:

  • GEORGIA TECH EQUIPMENT: Please do not attempt to recycle any Georgia Tech owned equipment or property. This equipment is the property of the Institute and is probably on the College's equipment inventory.   Please follow our Surplusing Lab Equipment for Georgia Tech equipment, as mandated by the State of Georgia
  • Georgia Tech Recycling Services: Georgia Tech does not take personally owned electronics but they provide some links to organizations that do. They also host an electronics recycle day on Earth Day each Spring.
  • Keep Atlanta Beautiful: Electronics (and batteries, and scrap metal, etc) recycling also occurs the second Saturday of each month at 320 Irwin Street, Atlanta, GA. 30312 (right next to I-75 in dowtown Atlanta).
  • Keep Dekalb Beautiful:  Electronics recycling occurs Mon-Fri: 8AM-5Pm, Sat 8AM-4PM at one site, and Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM at another.
  • Clark Howard's Advice: Clark recommends VenJuvo.com, an online trade-in center that pays for pre-owned electronics -- everything from cell phones, mp3 players, computers and cameras to GPS systems and gaming consoles.
  • Best Buy Recycle:  For most electronics (TVs, cell phones) a purchase is required, but they will take Batteries & Ink-Jet cartridges for free.  Computer hardware and AV equipment is only taken on scheduled event days.
  • Earth911.org: Recommendations for recycling just about anything.
  • PetSmart Charities:  They take inkjet cartridges and cell phones via mail-back envelopes. All of the proceeds from their recycling goes to finding homes for abandoned pets, and spaying and neutering programs.  You can grab a fistful of mailers from their store and use them as needed.