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In the past when Faculty or Staff requested student access to research servers, TSO has typically assigned a one-semester or one-year expiration for that access by default.  When that access expires, it causes a certain amount of disruption for the students in having their access renewed.  Based on our discussions with researchers and the TSO Faculty Advisory Board, it appears that it would be more frequently correct to grant privileges until the student graduates or changes degree programs, unless otherwise requested.  This change will cover significantly more use cases and does not seem to significantly compromise security.  Therefore, we have received approval to change our policy as follows: 

When research server access is requested for undergrad and graduate students, if an expiration date is not specified by the Faculty or Staff member, access will granted until the student graduates or changes degree programs.  On request of the Faculty or Staff member, such access can be revoked at any subsequent time.

This change does not affect permissions for administrative or academic resources, as these are already tied to employment status and class enrollment respectively. 

If there are any questions about this policy change, please contact the TSO Help Desk (CCB 148, 404.894.7065,


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