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Dear CoC Faculty,

It is once again time to submit your e-mail requests for the Fall Semester TSO Instructional Resources.

1. Please review the proposed lab loads for the Fall session. If you require additional software, please provide the name of the software, purpose of the software, instructions for obtaining the software, and in which load (States or DMGL) the software should be included.




2. Specify lab access for your class. You can review the lab configurations at facilities/instructional-labs.

3. Class Web Sites/Swikis are once again being offered in the Fall Term. However, TSO strongly recommends the use of the Georgia Tech online course system T-Square for the Summer Semester. Information and use of T-Square can be found at

4. Send your request to ONLY, by August 8th, 2008.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the course instructor to request the COC resources needed for their classes. Even if the requirements do not change, they must still be requested. Without a request, classes are assumed to not need any COC resources. Please DO NOT send requests to helpdesk@cc. Requests sent there will not be processed and will delay you getting the resources you require. Requests made after the deadline will be addressed as time permits. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Doug Conley

TSO Academic Support Lead

College of Computing

Georgia Tech