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UPDATE: If your computer is enrolled in JAMF, it is now safe to upgrade to Big Sur - JAMF will perform a check when you run the Big Sur installer and a warning will pop up if there is software that needs to be updated before upgrading to Big Sur. It is also a good practice to make sure that other software on your computer is up to date before upgrading to minimize the chance of issues following the upgrade.

If you are unsure if your computer is enrolled in JAMF, check out this guide -

For users who are not enrolled in JAMF, known issues exist with a few pieces of software and they must be at the following versions if they are installed for the upgrade to proceed without issues

  • FireEye Agent version 32.30.13 or newer
  • Qualys Agent Version 2.5.1-75 or newer
  • Cicso AnyConnect 4.9 or newer
  • Global Protect 5.1.5-9 or newer

Unfortunately, FireEye and Qualys do not have user interfaces and are therefore hard to check for compatibility. Since JAMF is required as part of Phase 2 of campus Endpoint Management & Protection Compliance, we suggest enrolling your GT owned equipment in JAMF before upgrading to Big Sur. Learn how to enroll your computer in JAMF Pro here - 

More information about the campus Compliance campaign can be found here - 

Please reach out to the HelpDesk ( if you get the warning from JAMF or if you have any questions.



Apple recently announced plans to release the new operating system, macOS 11 Big Sur, to users on November 12th, 2020. OIT and TSO have tested the Beta version of the OS and have verified that it is currently incompatible with FireEye and Crashplan. Users may encounter issues with other pieces of software as well if they choose to upgrade. Users can read the OIT post about macOS 11 Big Sur here -


Mac users with macOS Catalina or before.


TSO suggests that users do not upgrade to Big Sur. If you have questions or need to upgrade for compatibility with other pieces of software, please reach out to the TSO Help Desk. A notice will be sent out when the known software issues have been resolved and users are ok to upgrade to the new macOS.


Feel free to contact the TSO Help Desk (

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