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From OIT:

Unplanned Outage Resolution
Subject: Mail services on Old Spectrum server canyon have been
restored as of 0645 Thur morning 10/9

Services that were affected during the outage on 10/7/08 - 10/9/08
Affected users were not able to access e-mail.
Affected users were not able to send e-mail.
People who sent messages to affected mailboxes received a Delayed mail;
still being retried message.

Current status of these services
All e-mail should now be accessible on Old Spectrum.
All Old Spectrum users should now be able to send mail.
People who send messages to an Old Spectrum mailbox should not receive
any delay messages at this point.

Outage timeframe
The problem began at approximately 8:45 p.m. on 10/7/08.
The system was restored at 6:45 a.m. on 10/9/08.

Now that the system is restored
* No action by the user is necessary
* Since a large volume of mail will be processed by the system after
it is restored, some messages may take longer to be delivered.

Other information about this outage
OIT has scheduled a maintenance activity for other Old Spectrum
mailstores to prevent this type of occurrence for other Old Spectrum
users. Current tentative timeframe is 10pm Fri night, 10/10, until
10pm Sat night, 10/11.