CoC Mechanical Key Policy

Effective Date: 
Tuesday, July 8, 2008
  1. Executive Summary: It is the responsibility of faculty and staff to ensure that locks to offices, office suites, labs, classrooms, and any space within the college that houses college equipment and assets are secured. Locking doors when areas are unoccupied is paramount to the overall security of the College. The purpose of this Key Policy is to ensure the appropriate management and control of mechanical keys. Over the years, mechanical keys have been poorly managed allowing unauthorized access to Georgia Tech resources. Theft of resources and equipment has necessitated the need for a CoC Key Policy and its strict adherence.
  2. Scope: This policy addresses the issuance, use, and return of all mechanical keys within the College of Computing. All business agreements and contracts with the College must be in compliance with this policy. This policy is effective for the College of Cing building as well as the Klaus Advanced Computing Building
  3. Statement of Policy:
    1. General
      1. It is the responsibility of the Director of Facilities to ensure that keys are issued to authorized personnel only. The Director of Facilities shall take proper measures to ensure that key assignment and usage is appropriate and justified.
      2. In accordance with 3.a.i the college’s key policy provides for access to office doors. Each office door will have its own, distinct key and thus, will open no other door within the college. Access to suites will require a buzz‐card to provide audit control.
      3. Multiple‐user access locations will use the Buzz Card system for access.
      4. A minimum number of keys are to be cut to the exterior doors and will be of a separate key code. Access to the building is strictly available via the Buzz Card system.
      5. Request for extra keys to office spaces or keys to spaces not assigned to an individual must be approved by the Director of Facilities or the Dean.
    2. Key Assignment
      1. Each faculty and staff member will receive one key to their respective office.  Exceptions to this policy shall be approved only by the Director of Facilities or the Dean.
      2. Extra keys will NOT be issued. Extra keys will be stored in a secure, tamper proof electronic key safe. Access to spare keys must be checked out following the CoC KeySafe Checkout Procedures in accordance with section 4.
      3. Office suite keys will not be issued as these areas will have buzz card access.
      4. Key assignments shall be recorded in a key database containing the followingminimum information:
        1. Name of faculty/staff receiving keys
        2. Office location and office telephone number
        3. Home address and Telephone Number
        4. Buzz Card ID
        5. Key Code Issued
        6. Date of issuance
        7. School/Department
      5. Key assignment shall be part of the HR process for new employees
    3. Key Usage
      1. Each faculty and staff member is responsible for the use of their issued keys. Loaning of keys to anyone is prohibited.
    4. Key Return
      1. Upon exit of service from Georgia Tech, faculty and staff must return their key to Human Resources. Human Resources will return the key to Facilities.
      2. Return of keys shall be part of the HR process for exiting employees.
      3. Associated access to the Key Safe shall be adjusted as appropriate once keys are returned.
    5. Lost Keys
      1. Lost keys must be reported to facilities immediately.
      2. Request for replacement keys must be approved by the Director of Facilities or the Dean.
  4. Procedures
    1. For access to keys other than individual office keys, faculty and staff must check out keys from the Key Safe Facility. The Key Safe is located at the front desk in CCB. Faculty and Staf will gain access to the key safe by using their buzz card as well as a pin number. The key safe will provide access to ONLY appropriate keys.
    2. Requests for mechanical keys must meet a very high requirement. Since access to anywhere in the college can be provided via buzz cards or the key safe, there is very few reasons for extra keys to be provisioned.
  5. Compliance
    1. Everyone in the College of Computing must comply with and follow the procedures contained within the Key Policy.
  6. Policy Modifications
    1. Modifications to this policy must be vetted through the Deans Advisory Council and ultimately approved by the Dean. Any changes to this policy must be promptly communicated to the faculty and staff of the college.
Service Areas: 
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