Scheduled System/Network Maintenance Policy

Effective Date: 
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TSO manages CoC's core network equipment as well as a large number of servers and desktops. To stay current on critical security and stability patches, regular scheduled system/network maintenance windows are being established. During these maintenance windows, server computers, desktop computers and network switches may be rebooted and will be generally unavailable for brief periods of time. The purpose of this document is to communicate the policy and procedure that TSO follows to regularly update these systems and networks.

  • Every Tuesday, between 5PM-9PM, TSO may conduct announced system and network maintenance that may result in the reboot or downtime of servers, desktop computers and network switches. 
  • Includes all TSO managed server and desktop computers. Includes network devices such as CoC's gateway router (effects all traffic in/out of CoC) and edge switches (those that control individual wall ports). 
  • Excludes laptops. 
  • Excludes high-performance computing clusters (e.g. CERCS, etc.) which are rebooted approximately only once a month to receive critical patches. 
  • All system/network maintenance activity resulting in downtime will be announced on the TSO moderated mailing list 24 hours in advance. Broad-impact maintenance activity will be more widely communicated to CoC via larger scope mailing lists.  If the maintenance activity will interfere with your work, you may send a request to ask for the maintenance to be rescheduled or adjusted. 
  • Why Tuesday evening?  A day and time during the normal business work week is needed to allow multiple TSO personnel to be available during critical server and network updates. Early morning hours are prohibitive due to the high level of CoC staff activity during those hours. Tuesday is early enough in the week to allow troubleshooting throughout the rest of the week when needed. 
  • Why every Tuesday evening?  Although every Tuesday is scheduled, maintenance will usually not occur that frequently. TSO will strive for twice a month update cycles that are less invasive. The frequency of the schedule is simply easier for everyone to remember. 
  • Computer Notification:  All Solaris/Linux/MacOSX servers will receive a 1 hour wall broadcast to warn of upcoming downtime. TSO is developing a feature to allow graphical popup windows to warn of upcoming downtime on Windows/Linux/MacOSX desktop computers.
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