Effective Date

Testing Pool

·      TSO HD will act as the primary testing group for all new software. Software needs to be tested for a minimum of one week on TSO HD computers before the testing group is widened to all of TSO.

·      If the software is particularly related to a certain department, department heads and lab managers may be voluntarily included after the first week of TSO testing or earlier if needed.

·      Once the software has been satisfactorily tested on TSO computers, TSO will determine if the software is common use and requires deployment on all CoC computers or if the software will be made available on request. This classification may vary based on department.

Testing Procedures

·      Any new program should be tested in daily use and checked for conflicts with commonly used software such as:

o   Microsoft Office Suite

o   Windows 7/OSX

o   Cisco VPN Client

o   Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome web browsers

·      If initial testing yields no conflicts with common programs, the testing pool can be widened to all of TSO.

·      If initial testing yields conflicts, the testing pool will be contained to TSO HD until the conflict is resolved.


·      TSO HD will document any conflicts or peculiarities during the first week of program testing. Documentation may be recorded in a Word document. (We may want to establish a consistent file type for documentation such as Sharepoint or One Note files.)

·      If department heads or lab managers are testing the software, be sure to have them document any issues they encounter and add them to our internal documentation.

·      All documentation should be stored on CNS. (An organization of documentation should be discussed.)


·      At any time during (or before) initial testing by TSO HD, a scheduled task may be created in LANDesk for remote deployment.

·      Whether or not software will be made deployable via LANDesk will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Eligibility for LANDesk will be largely based on the programs ability to be remotely installed without issue.

·      If a program is determined to be common use it will be made available via the LANDesk portal on client machines for easier deployment without need for admin rights.

·      When possible, a program made available for deployment via LANDesk should also have an uninstall deployment paired with it.

·      If a program is unable to be deployed via LANDesk, it will be installed via manual installation.

Deployment Schedule

·      Any large-scale deployment will be scheduled during normal patching periods. Clients will be given 3-5 business days notice via email before software will be deployed.

·      Large-scale deployment will be staggered by department to mitigate any possible issues from affecting all computers.

·      Single computer deployment will be carried out per the client’s request via LANDesk or manual install methods.