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Starting August 8th, TimeOut and TechWorks will only be accessible from campus networks (LAWN and wired) and VPN (dept.vpn or anyc.vpn).

Georgia Tech’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) is reducing the risk of exposure for web-based services as part of its incident remediation plan and ongoing efforts to prevent future cyber attacks. Access to commonly used web applications such as TechWorks and TimeOut will become limited to Georgia Tech campus networks and VPN (virtual private network) starting August 8th, 2019.

Students, faculty and staff can currently access these web applications from any computer network. The change would require individuals who are not connected to a Georgia Tech campus network to first connect to the campus VPN before attempting to open certain web applications. Cloud-based web applications such as Canvas and Office 365 are not included in this transition.

VPN adds an extra layer of security for off-campus users who leverage web-based services to send and receive data. The remote, secure VPN connection ensures that users maintain the privacy and confidentiality of their data regardless of their location. For instructions on installing the College of Computing or Campus VPN please go here - How do I obtain the CoC VPN client?

Additional information about this change can be found on OIT's Website - Web Applications Through VPN

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