Using CrashPlan

TSO provides CrashPlan client software licenses to CoC faculty, staff, and student employees with GT-owned mobile computing devices, such as laptops, tablets and phones.  The CrashPlan client leverages backup servers operated by OIT.

Before you can use CrashPlan, please notify of your intention, so we can configure your GT account accordingly.

Download and Installation

You can download the CrashPlan PROe client from the following link:

Login with your GT account.  A pop-up window should appear with the logos of supported Operating Systems (OS).  Select your OS to begin the download.  Once the download completes, run the installer.  Once the install completes, it should open the CrashPlan PROe client.  At this point enter the following:

  1. At the Create a CrashPlan PROe account screen, select Existing Account.
  2. Username and Password will be your GT account name and password, respectively.  The PROe Server address is:
  3. Click Sign In to complete the process.

(Users of Mac OS X 10.8 will need to have Java installed.  If Java is not installed, you should be prompted to install Java upon first run of the CrashPlan client.)


After installation of the CrashPlan client software, it will immediately begin backup of the entire user folder of whichever user account began the installation.  The initial backup process can take considerable time, depending on how much data exists (e.g., 50GB of data will take approximately 1 day per backup server).  It is recommended to use a wired network connection for the initial backup to expedite this operation.

The Destinations should be left at their default values.  If you wish to change what folders and files are being backed up, click the Change... button to bring up the below window.

Tick the checkboxes of the files or folders you wish to have backed up and then click Save.  Once done, CrashPlan will execute a backup.  The length of time required will vary based on how much data is being backed up, but the Backup screen above will show a progress bar and an estimated time of completion.


To restore files, open the CrashPlanPRO application and select the Restore tab.

If you have multiple computers being backed up, you can select from which you want to restore in the first drop-down menu.  OIT maintains two backup servers.  In the second drop-down menu, you can select from which you want to restore.  This field can most likely be left at the default selection.  If you know the name of the file or folder, you can use the search field.  If not, you can select it from the list shown by ticking the checkbox next to that which you want to restore.  At the bottom, the "most recent" link will open a date selection menu.  The "Desktop" link will toggle between restoring the file to your Desktop, the original location of the file, or a folder of your choosing.  The "rename" link will toggle between renaming the restored file or overwriting any local file with the same name.  Once you've selected what you want restored, click the Restore button.

Further information can be found here.