Visit this web page to stay informed of system outages and maintenance that occurs in the College. This information is also posted to the mailing list, which you can join on the OIT SYMPA server. An outage is an unplanned system or service interruption and a maintenance event is planned system downtime of a system or service. Please feel free to contact the TSO Help Desk (404-894-7065, if you have any questions.

Type of Notice Title Description Date Sort ascending
Outage Limited CCB Data Center power outage Power outage on PDU #11
Maintenance Mopier Maintenance and Testing (snoopy) Snoopy, the mopier on the 2nd floor of CCB, will be offline for maintenance and testing on September 20th.
Outage IC Research Network outage A network switch serving the Skynet and CBA Clusters went offline this weekend.
Maintenance Windows Server Maintenance Windows Servers will be patched and rebooted at 5pm on September 13th, 2018
Outage Website Offline website is unresponsive
Outage FTP service on shutdown shut down a security concern.
Maintenance Drupal Websites Emergency Maintenance Drupal websites patching for security vulnerability.
Maintenance OIT Web Hosting Maintenance OIT web hosting software upgrade.
Maintenance Linux Systems Patching Routine systems patching.
Maintenance Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Software Update Departmental VPN client software update.
Outage Website Offline The website was unavailable.
Outage Partial network outage The College of Computing KACB networking was briefly interrupted.
Outage Campus network outage Some parts of campus experienced network outages, both on wired networks and LAWN.
Outage Partial Campus Services Outage Various campus services are down or intermittent.
Maintenance Website Maintenance The Grad.CC app website ( will offline for maintenance.
Maintenance Emergency Windows Server Maintenance Critical Windows server patching.
Outage Main Campus Website and DNS Outage General campus web and DNS outage.
Maintenance Potential Campus Water Outage Water service to GT's Atlanta campus may be turned off.
Outage Temporary Network Outage - June 1st Several users walked in complaining about WiFi and general network connectivity not working. The OIT Network Operations Center was called and they were aware of the issue but no other details. The network recovered around 3:20.\r\r
Maintenance Campus Network Maintenance Core campus router software upgrade.
Outage Website Offline The website was unavailable.
Outage Campus Network Outage Campus-wide network outage.
Maintenance Microsoft Imagine and ELMS Fusion Website Maintenance Routine maintenance.
Outage Partial Campus Email Outage Partial email service degradation when sending from on-campus addresses.
Maintenance Drupal Websites Emergency Maintenance Drupal websites patching for security vulnerability.