Visit this web page to stay informed of system outages and maintenance that occurs in the College. This information is also posted to the mailing list, which you can join on the OIT SYMPA server. An outage is an unplanned system or service interruption and a maintenance event is planned system downtime of a system or service. Please feel free to contact the TSO Help Desk (404-894-7065, if you have any questions.

Type of Notice Sort ascending Title Description Date
Outage CoC Websites Outage The web content server was unresponsive.
Outage Outage The server suffered a disk failure in its RAID 5 array.
Outage Websites Outage Several CoC website were unavailable
Outage Parital delayed mail delivery from Some mail sent to mailing list on CoC's mailman service are delayed.
Outage Prism Samba Home Directory issues in the labs. Sluggish problems with mounted network home directories from campus Samba servers (
Outage Emergency Ccsamba Restart will be restarted.
Outage CoC Networking Issue CoC networks are experiencing lag, packet loss.
Outage Campus Wireless Issues Ongoing wireless LAWN connectivity issues on campus.
Outage Web-Plesk6 Emergency Maintenance A brief outage of one of OIT's web hosting servers.
Outage Network Outage 4/28 The College router became unresponsive and required a reboot. Services were restored after the reboot.
Outage Samba server reboot Samba server had become unresponsive
Outage Website Outage ~ webpages were unavailable.
Outage Uniflow software issues Some users are experiencing issue printing to the mopier service
Outage Offline is offline.
Outage Increased SPAM Anti-spam configuration change
Outage Blackberry Enterprise Service Outage At approximately 3:30 PM today, GTRI experienced hardware failure on one of their Storage Area Network (SAN) devices, which cause an outage to the Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES). It is expected to be operational again at approximately 5:30 PM.
Outage CCB Door Control Outage Buzzcard access to all CCB ground and first floor doors was offline.
Outage Blackberry Sendmail Outage Sending mail from blackberry devices attached to our Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) instance was non-functional. It was first observed at 8:45 AM on June 18. GTRI restarted the BES and sendmail began working again at 10:00 AM.
Outage Limited CCB Data Center power outage Power outage on PDU #11
Outage KACB Networking Outage A short networking outage affecting wired networks in KACB
Outage BuzzCard Center Outage The BuzzCard Center is unable to upload data to Continuum.
Outage TSRB Data Center A/C Outage Several TSRB servers were powered off due to heat.
Outage Email Outage Email bound for @cc email addresses bounced.
Outage FileMaker Pro (CCDB) Outage - 5/10/21 The College's FileMaker Pro server is currently down
Outage Zimbra Outage Authentication outage for CoC Zimbra email services