System Notices

Visit this web page to stay informed of system outages and maintenance that occurs in the College. This information is also posted to the mailing list, which you can join on the OIT SYMPA server. An outage is an unplanned system or service interruption and a maintenance event is planned system downtime of a system or service. Please feel free to contact the TSO Help Desk (404-894-7065, if you have any questions.

Type of Noticesort ascending Title Description Date
Outage TSRB Data Center Power Outage A schedule fire alarm test by building management in TSRB resulted in an unintended and automatic emergency power down on one of the CoC TSRB Data Center power distribution units (PDU). This resulted in an outage for several CoC research related servers. The servers are back online and operational. 2012-07-05
Outage BlackBerry Services Down CC BlackBerries not updating 2008-06-09
Outage VMPS Server Failure VMPS server failure. 2016-11-11
Outage GT Quota Issue Inadvertent temporary quota reduction for GT employees. 2013-04-29
Outage CoC Network Outage Internal network outage. 2012-03-29
Outage Research Drupal, MediaWiki & Swiki Server Down The research community Drupal, Mediawiki and Swiki server was compromised by an intruder and the system is currently down. 2012-03-29
Outage Blackberry email service outage Blackberry email services went down at the Research In Motion (RIM) corporation resulting in an outage for the Americas network. 2012-03-29
Outage Chill Water Outage CCB machine room chill water outage. 2008-10-06
Outage Network Home Directory Outage - Killerbee Cluster Networking malfunction on the YP servers caused network mounts to fail. 2016-08-17
Outage College of Computing Networking Outage Networking for College of Computing wired networks was unavailable.  2019-09-04
Outage RT Outage RT is down. 2009-06-26
Outage Multiple Research Server Outage Multiple network servers offline. 2014-08-16
Outage CCB + KACB Power Dropout A brief power outage on campus. 2009-04-28
Outage Door Key Management System Hung The door key management system was hung, causing the Key Safe Status web page to disploay incorrect data. 2011-08-19
Outage Datacenter Switch Outage - 1/19/2023 Uplink to datacenter switch was loose and caused network connectivity to several servers to drop. 2023-01-19
Outage Exchange Email Problems Queue failure on Barracuda spam device. 2012-03-29
Outage Degraded Service for Web access via is not available on the newest release of Firefox browser. 2020-07-10
Outage Email Delivery Issues The Sun required patches caused the Sendmail configuration to fail on the CoC email gateways. 2008-08-19
Outage Poor Network Performance 2008-06-11
Outage Outage The file server went offline. 2012-03-29
Outage Web-Plesk6 Emergency Maintenance A brief outage of one of OIT's web hosting servers. 2016-11-17
Outage and Rebooted Rebooted the general compute servers 2012-03-29
Outage Brief network outage College of Computing networking experienced a brief outage. 2020-02-17
Outage Power Failure A power strip went bad resulting in shutting down. 2012-03-29
Outage Password Reset Form Failures SSL connection failures caused password resets to fail when using the online reset form. 2016-08-17


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