System Notices

Visit this web page to stay informed of system outages and maintenance that occurs in the College. This information is also posted to the mailing list, which you can join on the OIT SYMPA server. An outage is an unplanned system or service interruption and a maintenance event is planned system downtime of a system or service. Please feel free to contact the TSO Help Desk (404-894-7065, if you have any questions.

Type of Notice Title Description Start Datesort ascending End Date
Maintenance Campus Network Scheduled Maintenance Scheduled campus network maintenance to upgrade one of the core campus routers. 2016-02-04 04:00 2016-02-04 06:00
Maintenance Server Issues TSO will move the CoC staff feedback form at to a new server. 2016-02-04 03:00 2016-02-04 03:05
Outage CCSAMBA Outage Samba home directory outage. 2016-02-03 10:30 2016-02-06 06:30
Maintenance VMPS Server Emergency Maintenance One of the two VMPS servers for the CoC has become unresponsive and must be rebooted. 2016-02-02 08:50 2016-02-02 09:00
Maintenance Outland Firewall Policy Change Firewall policy change. 2016-02-02 04:00 2016-02-02 04:15
Outage Campus-wide DUO Outage Dual authentication (DUO) outage. 2016-02-01 11:20
Maintenance CoC Email Aliases Maintenance TSO will apply updates to its email aliases file. 2016-01-27 04:00
Maintenance GitHub Maintenance The GT GitHub service was upgraded to the latest version. 2016-01-23 06:00 2016-01-23 12:00
Maintenance OIT Web Hosting Maintenance OIT's web hosting service planned maintenance. 2016-01-23 06:00 2016-01-23 12:00
Maintenance Chilled Water Maintenance TSO must shut down non-critical servers in CCB 247, HPCF, and 312 data centers. 2016-01-22 06:00 2016-01-25 04:00
Outage Website Outage Website outage due to possible security breach. 2016-01-21 09:30
Maintenance Windows Test Server Patching Routine monthly patching 2016-01-19 13:00 2016-01-19 15:00
Outage Outage Web database server outage. 2016-01-19 09:00
Outage Partial CCB Mopier Outage The 2nd floor break area and 3rd floor Outreach area CCB mopiers are currently unavailable. 2016-01-19 03:00
Outage Partial Office 365 Outage Email clients that use the IMAP protocol to access Office 365 are unable to automatically load data from Office 365. 2016-01-17 14:00 2016-01-24 13:00
Maintenance Chilled Water Maintenance TSO must shut down non-critical servers in KACB 2219. 2016-01-15 14:00 2016-01-17 14:55
Outage Redirect Outage GT webmail redirect outage ( 2016-01-13 10:50 2016-01-13 11:40
Maintenance Unix Systems Patching, Day 4 Routine systems patching. 2016-01-07 06:30 2016-01-07 08:00
Outage GT Authentication Partial Outage Users are experiencing intermittent authentication failures when trying to access systems using GT authentication. 2016-01-07 03:30
Maintenance Unix Systems Patching, Day 3 Routine systems patching. 2016-01-06 06:30 2016-01-06 08:00
Maintenance Windows Server Patching Routine monthly patching 2016-01-05 17:00 2016-01-05 21:00
Maintenance Unix Systems Patching, Day 2 Routine systems patching. 2016-01-05 06:30 2016-01-05 08:00
Maintenance Unix Systems Patching, Day 1 Routine systems patching. 2016-01-04 06:30 2016-01-08 08:00
Outage Partial KACB Mopier Outage The 2nd and 3rd floor KACB mopiers are currently unavailable. 2016-01-04 03:00
Outage Partial CoC Mopier Authentication Outage Some users are unable to log into the CoC mopiers. 2015-12-17 03:00


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