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T-Square Outage
Changes in Desktop Support
OIT LAWN Maintenance
Mashan Bowens Joins TSO
OIT Remedy Maintenance
TSO Helpdesk Phone
OIT Spectrum Issues
Latest Phishing Attempt
Latest Phishing Attempts
Email phishing attempts
Unplanned LAWN Outage
Universities in the US being targeted in a Spear Phising attack.
PassPort Upgrade
TSO Help Desk Closing Early
New Software Downloads Available
Error saving .xls files in Excel 2008
Fall Class Resources Due August 8th
Samba Printing Expansion
TSO Brown Bag
TSO Help Desk Holiday Hours
Jimmy Kriigel joins TSO
Drupal Added to Research Group Collaboration Services
MyGaTech Service Interruption
TSO Help Desk Closing Early
Unplanned Service Interruption