System Notices

Visit this web page to stay informed of system outages and maintenance that occurs in the College. This information is also posted to the mailing list, which you can join on the OIT SYMPA server. An outage is an unplanned system or service interruption and a maintenance event is planned system downtime of a system or service. Please feel free to contact the TSO Help Desk (404-894-7065, if you have any questions.

Type of Noticesort ascending Title Description Date
Outage Emergency Server Reboots Two CoC servers whose remote consoles had become unresponsive were rebooted. 2013-08-06
Outage Offline Some of the CoC swikis have been intermittently offline 2008-09-30
Outage Brief network outage - 5/11/22 Started 3:30pm - notified at 3:45pm Resolved at 4:15pm 2022-05-11
Outage Home Directory Server Restarted was rebooted. 2010-08-17
Outage Network Outage For Klaus VMs Several research VMs lost network connectivity for a couple hours due to a configuration change. 2020-03-03
Outage Internet Outage Internet outage for new connections. 2012-03-29
Outage Network Outage The north side of campus lost network connectivity. 2013-12-18
Outage Campus Network Outage The GT network was down. 2016-09-17
Outage Failed on Reboot Following scheduled patching, lost both drives in its RAID array. 2008-08-14
Outage TSRB Power Outage Networking was offline for CoC networks in TSRB. 2015-07-26
Outage Buzzcard Door Access Outage Avigilon contolled Buzzcard door access is not working. 2016-07-12
Outage Campus Network Intermittant Outage Campus VPN and LAWN outage. 2016-03-15
Outage Brief Campus Network Outage Off-Campus network connectivity was breifly affected while troubleshooting network configurations. 2014-09-23
Outage Partial KACB network outage A network module in a switch in KACB on the 1st floor had a failure which affected some offices in the area of 1304 - 1330. 2015-04-06
Outage LAWN Outage LAWN authentication page will not display in CCB and KACB. 2009-03-17
Outage Chilled water outage for CCB Data Center 247/HPCF At 11:45PM November 11, 2009, several GTISC servers reported high temperature alerts. A call to GT Facilities was initiated and TSO personal arrived onsite to begin investigating. The following server clusters were shutdown to reduce the heat load and will be brought back online in the morning:<br \>Sith cluster<br />Hebrides cluster<br /> infrastructure<br />GTISC personal shutdown several GTISC servers as well.<br />The temperature began returning to normal levels. TSO will continue to monitor the situation and provide additional updates. 2012-03-29
Outage Degraded Service for Mailman Mailman Service Outage 2020-07-29
Outage SharePoint outage Changes to SharePoint not functioning 2012-03-29
Outage Offline The general-access research computing server is offline. 2015-01-28
Outage CCB BuzzCard Door Access BuzzCard door access failed for all doors in CCB. 2012-03-29
Outage IC Research Network outage A network switch serving the Skynet and CBA Clusters went offline this weekend. 2018-09-16
Outage HPCF switch was down The network switch for the HPCF was offline. 2008-04-15
Outage CoC Website Outage Several websites were offline. 2014-03-18
Outage Uniflow Outage - 5/12/22 Started 3:30pm - notified at 3:45pm Resolved at 5/12/22 at 9am 2022-05-12
Outage nfs service failure serves the nfs mount where files are located for the and approximatley 50 other sub-sites of The nfs service failed and the system required a reboot for the nfs mount to be restored. The main site was not affected during the outage. 2012-03-29


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