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Visit this web page to find how to do things that concern technology in the College of Computing or Georgia Tech.
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Data Storage and Backups Access your Home Directory or Adminfs from a Mac 04/03/17
Web Accessing Campus Restricted Content 03/30/15
Activating Microsoft Office 03/20/15
Email Add Google Gmail Calendar to Office 365 02/13/15
Collaboration Add Office 365 Account to Mac Calendar 02/04/15
Email Adding a shared calendar using Outlook Web Access (OWA) 05/05/16
Email Adding Users to a Sympa List 07/06/12
Email Archiving Mail in Mac OS X (10.8) 07/22/14
Email Archiving mail using Outlook for Mac 2011 07/22/14
Network Authenticate Small Devices On LAWN 04/03/12
Data Storage and Backups Backing Up Research Lab Systems 04/30/13
Printing Clearing Windows Print Drivers 04/03/12
Email Configure Android for Office 365 09/09/14
Email Configure Delegates in Office 365 02/20/15
Email Configure iOS for Office 365 01/22/15
Email Configure Mac Mail for Office 365 09/26/14
Email Configure Outlook 2010 for Office 365 01/14/15
Email Configure Outlook 2011 for Office 365 09/26/14
Email Configure Thunderbird for Office 365 07/12/17
Handhelds Configure Wireless ActiveSync on Windows Mobile Devices 04/03/12
Email Configuring a Manual Archive in Outlook 2010 07/22/14
Email Configuring Outlook 2010 to Auto Archive 07/22/14
Email Configuring Pine to use Office 365 03/15/17
Configuring the CoC SMTP server for Outlook 2013/2016 07/17/17
Email Create a new event/meeting request in iCal 07/06/12
Printing Direct IP Printing from Mac OS X 04/03/12
Printing Direct IP Printing from UNIX 04/03/12
Printing Direct IP Printing from Windows 08/29/12
Desktops Enable Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 07/06/12
Identity Management Enroll Another User in Duo Two-Factor Authentication 11/03/16
Email Exporting your mailbox from OS X Mail 02/06/15
Email Filtering Gmail to Find Office 365 Store and Forward Messages 03/14/16
Identity Management Generate a Duo Emergency Rescue Code for Another User 11/03/16
Identity Management How do I add a backup mobile phone to DUO 01/05/17
Network How Do I Connect a Device to GTwifi? 08/05/14
Email How do I forward the full headers of an email message? 03/15/17
Mailing Lists How do I know which mailman/sympa lists I'm a member of or own? 06/22/16
Security How do I remove McAfee from my computer? 10/09/14
Identity Management How do I sponsor a collaborator or visitor? 03/08/17
Email How do I Subscribe to TSO System Notices? 11/13/15
How do I use TeamViewer? 02/04/13
Building Access How do I use the GT EVENTS system? 07/06/12
Instructional How to Access the Instructional HPC Clusters 08/25/15
Identity Management How to add a landline phone to DUO 01/05/17
Instructional How to Compile Programs on Instructional HPC Clusters 09/23/16
Instructional How to Forward X from Instructional HPC Nodes 09/23/16
Email How To Identify and Download Large Email Messages and/or Attachments with Outlook 08/14/14
Data Storage and Backups How to Map a Network Drive in Mac OS X 07/06/12
Data Storage and Backups How to Map a Network Drive in Windows 07/21/17
Email How to Remotely Wipe Your Mobile Device with Office 365 03/25/15
Instructional How to Run Jobs on the Instructional HPC Clusters 09/23/16
Instructional How to Use Software Collections 03/23/16
Web How to use the CoC Graduate Admissions System 07/06/12
Web How to use the CoC PhD Review System 03/07/14
Asset Management Locking Down Equipment 05/15/17
Network Logging Into a CoC Machine from Windows or Mac/Unix 01/22/13
Instructional Migrate OneNote from a local or mapped drive to Office 365 03/09/15
Asset Management Moving Lab Equipment 07/06/12
Collaboration Opening a Shared Calendar in Apple iCal 09/01/17
Email Opening an Outlook Archive in Outlook 2010 12/20/13
Email Opening/Adding a Shared Mailbox in Outlook 10/09/14
Email Outlook 2011 for Mac: Accessing another User’s Shared Calendar 03/01/13
Identity Management Print backup duo codes 01/05/17
Printing Print to the new CoC Mopiers from Linux 06/09/15
Printing Print to the new CoC Mopiers from Mac OS X 03/21/17
Printing Print to the new CoC Mopiers from Windows 04/27/17
Printing Printing from Inland Mac OS X Systems. 04/03/12
Printing Printing from Outland Unix and Mac OS X Systems 04/03/12
Printing Printing from Wireless UNIX and Mac OS X Using VPN Access 08/05/13
Printing Printing from Wireless UNIX Systems without VPN Access 04/03/12
Printing Printing to Instructional Lab Printers 02/17/14
Asset Management Recycle Personally Owned Electronics 02/14/13
Email Remove Auto Complete Entries from Outlook and OWA 03/18/15
Security Removing Stored Passwords on OS X 07/11/16
System Repair Repair Lab Equipment 07/06/12
Network Secure Shell (SSH) Tutorial 08/15/16
Email Set Up Office 365 On Blackberry 10 OS 01/13/16
Collaboration Share Files with Dropbox 01/09/17
Email Share Files with OneDrive 03/22/17
Asset Management Surplusing Lab Equipment 03/22/16
Building Access Using a Security Asset Manager (SAM) key box 07/06/12
Data Storage and Backups Using CrashPlan 02/06/14
Handhelds Wipe and Activate BlackBerries 08/05/14